Raya Entrep Fair 2015 : Bag ng PagbaBAGo

On Saturday, the Raya School Naga will be having an Entrep Fair to raise funds for their Bayanihan Project. The kids worked hard on their services and products so that their earnings can be shared with kids from a day care center in Pacol. (Last year, they shared their blessings with the Sibol kids from Gawad Kalinga Triangulo).

The Nursery class will have several products and services available – parols, bags, and a jukebox (Javy and Jaden are going dance if you drop money in their jukebox, I hear).

I  am definitely not an entrepreneur (or if there is a chance, there is much for me to learn and unlearn), so it thrills me that at such a young age, the kids are exposed to the value of hard work, creativity, and sharing as well.

I’m also excited to use the skills I learned from Alessa L. Lanot (of Life After Breakfast) in ways that go beyond myself and my own entertainment. Seriously, if you like arts and crafts, calligraphy, stamping, watercolor, and good food, sign up for her workshops. If I were in Manila, I would take them all. Learning how to carve rubber into stamps has been really useful with the kids (from learning the alphabet, shapes, and going to the potty).

Last Wednesday, I took my alphabet set, made a few farm animals, made some shapes, and spent most of the morning with the nursery classes. Armed with fabric paint, the kids stamped canvas bags (made by Mr. Kengkoy) with pigs, flowers, stars and random letters.


I spent my morning with the nursery classes, stamping bags for the entrep fair

Little fingers grabbed at the stamps, and started to slowly turn blue, red, and yellow. The paint we chose for their bags were primary colors, and patriotic too.

Kaya mong baguhin ang mundo.

The teachers at Raya continue to stress that truth to the children, and I believe it. Even in stamping their little bags, the kids have started to make a change. I pray that whatever they raise will make the kids from Pacol happy. And pray that the children we will raise will make the country proud.

Bakal na po kamo! See you at the Entrep Fair on Saturday, Novemeber 21, 4pm-8pm at the Raya School.