Five Year Plan

A few months before I got married, the GK Builders Institute had a planning session/team building. One activity required us to draw. Tito Raul Dizon asked us where we’d be in 2015.

And so I drew a little house, with a Cross above, a happy husband, and children (the two boys came, no little girl though). A Canadian flag, then an arrow pointing towards the Philippine flag – and yes, we moved back. There was farm land, the sea, lots of people, and communities. There was Ateneo de Naga – and although I did not go back to school, I did learn a lot these past five years.

So, it’s 2016.

Looking at my drawing, I figure, perhaps we accomplished what needed to be done from 2010-2015. We moved, learned, loved, prayed, and had the chance to be surrounded by many good people here in Naga.

Perhaps, we ought to draw another picture. Where will we be in 2020?

Here are a few websites that we’ve been checking out as we try to construct our five year plan: