Giving Thanks

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Dearest I, J, and K,

It has been so long since I’ve written to any of you. It has been a while since I’ve given myself time to sit, reflect, and actually thank God for giving me the gift of beautiful (and slightly crazy) babies.

Last night at church, Deacon Greg talked about the importance of gratitude. We each had little pieces of paper, given to us by MickJay. We were told to give it to people from our parish, our family, and community – to thank them for what they do. What a great practice – even if it isn’t Thanksgiving Day. Find these people, children. Find these people that have come into our lives. They are all gifts from God to be thankful for.

A great way to reach out and thank those in our lives.

Thanks to Cocomelon, you are no strangers to gratitude. That video K loves to watch, and we love to sing randomly is really one of the best (pretty catchy, if you ask me). “What are you thankful for? What are you thankful for? What are you thankful for?” And then each of you shout out whatever it is that has brought joy in your little hearts that day:

Nanay! Tatay! (Perhaps because that is all she can really say)

Starlord! (Because really – Guardians of the Galaxy is life.)

My friends and family! (Because my little J is maturing, asking so many questions on life and love, faith and the future)

Every evening we look forward to hearing what made you happy that day. Your hot lunch, your play date, the chance to play at the playground. Even jumping in puddles has been a favourite thing to be thankful for. In these seemingly everyday moments, joy was sparked, and it reminds me that truly, there is so much to be thankful for.

This attitude of gratitude is definitely something we want you all to have. A positive perspective, a sense of hope, an assurance that, even in the midst of problems, and what may seem like unending darkness, there is good to be seen, and that to do what is good is the only option.

In each of these moments I hope you realize that God is there too. He is in all things, babies. And He is in everyone we meet. Because, yes, there is good in everyone. We need only to seek Him. See the beauty, experience the joy, and express our gratitude.

As for me, I see God in each of you. I see your hearts, and the desire that you all have to be good and kind. And for that, I am always so thankful.