Guillans Story

Guillan’s Story: Naga City and Me

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We are a small team learning the ropes of the travel business together. What everyone has in common though is the passion for travel and the love and pride of place for Naga City, Camarines Sur and the Philippines.

Get to know our team – starting with Guillan Deblois! Guillan is our friendly, efficient reservation agent. She holds the fort with a smile, making sure our walk-in clients get the best service.

By Guillan Deblois

When I was told to make a write-up about myself, I just smiled and giggled (both excited and uneasy) I actually don’t know what [aspect of my life] to write — not because I don’t know myself too well but because I feel it is difficult to talk about oneself especially when people will get to read it and different prejudices can form out of it. But following one of the guiding principles of my life: People will always have something to say, so just do what you need to do and love to do as long as you don’t step on one’s toe. So, here it is.

I applied in three universities for college — in Legaspi, Naga, and Manila. I passed the admission requirements for the three schools and choosing where to study became my dilemma. For Mama, Legaspi was the better choice since it is just an hour-drive from Sorsogon; you know mothers’ attachment to their kids (especially the youngest), plus the money that could be saved since it is a government-owned university. But then she let me make my choice. I chose Naga City. Naga City is a three-hour drive from home and I could also easily travel to and fro whenever I wish (easier compared to Manila). More importantly the university in Naga is just as reputable and admirable as the one in Manila, hitting two peacocks with one ruby.

Life in Naga has its pros and cons; I enjoyed my stay in Ateneo de Naga. I was one of the pioneer members of the Ateneo Student Ambassadors under the University Student Recruitment Office. We were sent to different high schools in the region to persuade the seniors to apply at Ateneo de Naga for college. Everything was going smoothly until I discovered the other good/bad thing Naga City offers – night life! I was young and abused the freedom and trust given to me. I forgot the reason why I came here. The thing every mother fears to happen to her daughter happened to me. I did not graduate on time. I learned from all those experiences and I take the responsibilities that go along with it.

I had given birth to a beautiful baby girl. Mama wished for baby and me to just come home until I decided to finish my degree. I obeyed since it will be more practical and I also need my family’s support and help in nurturing my first born. I was a hands-on mother and I loved every second of it. Being a parent comes with sacrifices though. As much as I would want to be with her in Naga, it was a better decision to entrust her to Mama and focus on my studies instead.

When I returned to school, I was affiliated with the Naga City Tour Guide Association under the Arts, Culture and Tourism Office. This is where Sir Tom and Ms. Tammy sought help in finding the right people for their business.

Guillans Story
Guillans Story

The Spiral Sun Travel and Tours is the first establishment I worked for after graduation. Hence, I was away from my daughter for more than a year and I don’t want it to happen again — especially now that she is in her formative years. I will work hard to provide for her needs and so I am thankful for being trusted with such an opportunity knowing that this is their first business venture.

I am still here in Naga City and I plan to settle here. I have taken the first two steps: find work and be with my dear one. It will not be easy for there will always be temptations to work outside the region or even abroad, especially at times when I think of how to provide for my daughter’s needs. But I don’t easily give up — as Ms. Tammy said “there are opportunities for those who take the risks” and I love taking risks.

Naga City gave me the opportunity to explore, grow and know myself more. The Maogmang Lugarmade me cry, smile and laugh, made me afraid and resilient, the city allowed me to find love and experience heartbreaks, taught me to forgive, to be brave, to take risks and to be strong enough to face the consequences. The city taught me to trust myself in times of doubt and difficulties, to appreciate and take care of my family and the people I value, to accept, love and appreciate my imperfections and the imperfections of others.

I will be forever grateful to Naga City for teaching me to value these things; Naga City will always be my favorite place and wherever life may take me, I will always come back to Naga City — my home away from home.