Serendra Halloween

Trick or Treating is definitely evolving. Home owner associations, villages and other organizations are becoming more creative with their Halloween activities for kids. It was a Serendra Halloween for our boys this year.

On October 25, the boys were able to participate (sort of) in their first Halloween event. Serendra had different activities and goodies prepared for the kids who were able to register for the event.

No need for the kids to go house-to-house for their treats. Upon registering, an orange goody bag was given. It was filled with candy, washable Crayola markers, a random toy, Fun Ranch gift certificates, and a box of Moo chocolate milk. Ticket stubs were also given so you can claim even more treats – a creative bento box (of baked macaroni, nuggets, and a cookie), candy/chocolate (we chose chocolate and received over a dozen Reese’s peanut butter cups), a bottle of soda (sakto? Mismo?), popcorn, cotton candy, a cupcake and a snow cone!

There was a show for the kids, face painting, a coloring station and an inflatable slide.

I’m sure it was overwhelming for our toddler (and our baby? He probably had no idea what was happening around him). But he enjoyed seeing all the other little kids in costumes too.

After a few photos, we decided it was getting too hot for our trick-or-treaters. They had their loot and the parents, grandparents and aunts and  uncles were just as tired. As much as I miss going door to door, Serendra made it much easier for us.

Looking forward to the next one!