“Hug Time” by Patrick Mc Donnell

For the first time, J chose “Hug Time” by Patrick McDonnell for me to read. His little fingers skipped his thicker, cardboard baby books and went straight to this one.

Mikey sent it over last Christmas, but it’s only now that he has started to appreciate the story and the pictures.
“Hug the whole world, will that make it better?”
The little kitty nodded – and so did J.
I wonder if he understands how timely his choice of reading material is. What a week this has been for everyone all over – Gaza, Israel, Ukraine, Libya. And of course we need not look far – Glenda really caused a lot of damage on our own homefront. And well, just the everyday poverty that confronts us as a people – let’s not even go there. We all really could use some Hug time.
May our little boy always be filled with so much compassion that his embrace includes not just his Nanay and Tatay, but the whole world too.
Thanks again for the book, Nongnong M. I love it. (I love it so much am scared J will eat it or tear it apart).
~~ found this on my climb up ~~