J’s Birth Plan (2012)

This is our birth plan for J. It didn’t turn out the way we had hoped – but an emergency cesarian section saved our little one. We put this together with the help of Chiqui Brosas-Hahn (check out her website here: http://chiquibrosas.blogspot.com/ ). We took her birthing class to help us prepare for a safe, smooth, natural delivery. I am very glad Tom and I went through her birthing class together – if anything, it made us more confident that all will be well (and that child birth is not all that scary).


We have learned that unmedicated / natural childbirth is best for both mother and child. As first time parents-to-be, we are very much excited, and of course, we would want the best for the child. We are glad that Cardinal Santos Medical Center, Dra. Amy Perfecto-Estrella, our obstetrician, as well as the birthing team of nurses, are advocates of natural childbirth and are “mother-baby-friendly”.

We are very determined to have an unmedicated labor and normal birth. We therefore request that the birthing team consider the following.

1. Refrain from shaving pubic hair.

2. No I.V., instead, we opt for ice chips with salts that would prevent dehydration.

3. Monitor vital signs of both mother and baby upon admission to establish a base line figure.

4. No drugs and medication to hide the pain, or to hasten or delay labor.

5. The mother remains ambulant except when the bag of water has burst.

6. The mother and coach may assume any position which the mother is comfortable in.

7. Episiotomy and local anesthesia only if necessary.

8. Delay cutting of the umbilical cord (2-3 minutes).

9. Father shall cut the umbilical cord.

10. Pat dry vernix, do not remove (until the next day).

11. Immediate latching of baby to mother after he is resuscitated.

12. Rooming in of baby as soon as possible.

13. Breast milk only for the baby.

14. If a CS is necessary, the mother would like to request a cut that would allow her a vaginal birth for her second child (VBAC).

We will of course be flexible with these points if a complication does arise. We trust that you will inform us if any problems come up, so that we can discuss the choices to be made and come up with a new plan. This is a special event in our lives and we hope that you would be flexible enough to accommodate our requests for a natural birth. We are very confident that with Dra. Amy Pefecto-Estrella’s expertise, as well as the help and encouragement from the nurses and the personnel that comprises the birthing team, and most especially with the grace of God, we would be able to push through as planned.

(Signed by Tom, me and Dra. Estrella)


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