Double Strollers, Double the Fun

Jogging Double Stroller vs. Compact Tandem Stroller? No need to compete – you need them both.

I have four children, and enjoy taking them all over the place. Having a durable double stroller made all our adventures so much more manageable. They have made a positive impact on my daily routine, making our walks to school, and our errands so much easier (for both parents and children!).

My first two kids are two years apart. The second and the third are three years apart, and the third and the fourth are two years apart. While having four young children easily equates to chaos and mayhem, the age gaps are perfect for hand-me-downs, and common activities that are age-appropriate for all of them. With a bunch of small kids, a double stroller started to make sense.

We were not stroller parents with our first child. I was (and continued to be until my fourth) a baby-wearing mother, who would go everywhere and do everything with my baby in a sling. When I had my second child, and we moved to Canada, our activities and needs changed. We had a three-year-old and a one year old, and lived in an area with great parks, and nearby amenities. We walked to school, to the grocery, to the park, to the recreational centre, and to the church. Everything was within a 10-15 minute radius by foot, but wearing a baby and chasing after a toddler was not ideal for all of these adventures (especially when my husband was at work). 

We ended up loving and using two different double strollers:

  1. The Bob Revolution Duallie 
  2. Kinderwagon Hot Tandem Umbrella Stroller

While this won’t be a detailed review of our double strollers, I will share how they helped me in the day-to-day. Others have made more detailed reviews of newer models of these strollers, and I will gladly share their links here. 

The Bob Revolution Duallie (or any Bob Stroller for that matter) is an extremely durable, easy to maneuver, made-for-all-seasons and terrains type of double stroller. We inherited an older version of the Duallie (possibly a 2010 version), and used and abused it in our daily walks to school. It has a rain/wind cover that protects the kids, keeping them completely dry, and warm. Perfect for rainy Vancouver. I’ve used it through snow as well – fresh, slushy, icy – and we would always make it to our destination. The best part about it though is all the space to stuff things in (groceries, extra clothes, snacks). My boys used it when they were 3 and 1, until they were 4 and 2. Then it was used again when our second was 4 and the third was 1. And recently our third and fourth have been using it until late last year. We parted with our Duallie before our third child turned four. It is so heavy duty that it is now being used by another family. 

This Bob Revolution Duallie is older than all my kids, and has been loved and used by family friends that passed it onto us.

The Kinderwagon Hot Tandem Umbrella Stroller is the other one that we loved and used. It is so compact (it folds smaller than many single strollers I’ve seen!). It is perfect for strolling in the mall or stores with narrow aisles (bringing the Duallie to the grocery or the mall is not ideal if it’s a crowded place). It is light-weight, and easy to store. I loved it even if only one child wanted to sit in it, because it was as small as a single stroller, gave us the extra seat just in case someone got tired and wanted to sit, and I had space for all my stuff. We bought this stroller from Kinderwagon six years ago (in the US because we cannot find it in Canada) for about $600. I’d say it’s worth it if you’re always on the go with two littles. 

Having both double strollers made our lives much easier. I didn’t want to admit it at first, because I love baby-wearing. But with all the things we were doing, it just made sense. Different strollers work best depending on your activities, and the ages, sizes, and needs of your kids. Clearly, the Duallie was the best for all our outdoor adventures, but the Kinderwagon was so great and compact for errands and travel. One of these strollers (or maybe both!) might be the right fit for you and your kids too!

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