Javy at Cagsawa Ruins

Nanay Needs: the SaYa Baby Carrier

Mother and Child
Painting by Cris Fragata Gomez. She saw us going around the Naga X launch in our SaYa carrier. She particularly liked the print of our sling, took a photo, then made her painting.

We do a lot of moving around because of work (and because we love to go to new places and meet new people), but we are also hands-on parents. I breastfeed J and have not been separated from him longer than two hours. Fortunately (or unfortunately) for J, he gets to come along with us wherever we go. Just a trip to the grocery is a production number in itself – what more a trip to the beach, to Intramuros or Donsol? When you’re pressed for time and space, you look for the best tools/clothes/anything that can make life easier. We’ve got to say the SaYa Baby Carrier is definitely on top of our list of things that make bringing J around so much easier (for Tatay, Nanay and baby).

This proudly Filipino carrier is made of a soft, stretchy, t-shirt like material that comes in attractive designs that makes baby wearing easy and comfortable.

We received our first SaYa when J was about a month old. It comes with a pamphlet showing the different ways of wearing your baby. I studied it over and over but it was really when I read this blog (http://painterswife.com/2010/07/09/saya-baby-carrier-review-how-to/) that I figured it out. And I guess practice does make perfect – after several trials, we were both quite happy to be in the SaYa.

Javy at Cagsawa Ruins
J at the Cagsawa Ruins. He enjoyed his first visit to Albay – but slept through this leg of the trip. You can see the ruins, and the baby – but not the tip of Mt. Mayon.

It is much easier to put on when I have a companion (which is great because Tom and I are normally always together). But it is very possible to put it on, then place J in it, when we are alone. That is incredibly important for me. With J in the sling, our baby bag in tow, we are unstoppable. We’ve gone around Intramuros with a tour group for several hours – J in the SaYa (and thankfully, masaya most of the time) and me in the most comfortable footwear (all you walkers/travellers/ladies must get yourselves a pair of Suelas!). We conquered the walls that day.

So yes, if you’re planning on going on a trip (or even just for everyday errands) – I highly recommend the SaYa Baby Carrier.

*Kindly note that we were not paid or encouraged by SaYa to write this post. We are honest to goodness fans of the products.