Ranger Bill: We Are The Mighty

A Nonoy is supposed to be someone younger, smaller (and in our family, the nonoys are quieter too). Big sisters protect their Nonoys (and Nina had her fair share of protecting). But the Nonoys grow older and bigger and the roles reverse.

A photo of the Obias cousins taken almost 20 years ago in San Jose, Camarines Sur, Philippines. Photo taken by Maricoy Obias-Bonnefoy

When this Nonoy became a Ranger, it elicited much pride, unspoken fear, and then loads of happiness and relief when we had him back safe.

I was always too scared to ask any questions about what he went through. But, Bill’s right. Communication is important. And difficult. It must be hard to share, because imagining what he went through is already difficult for me to accept.

But I believe it’s also a step to peace. Inner peace, maybe. World peace too, perhaps. But peace for our soldiers and those who love them.

So very proud of our quiet soldier. Big hugs and a salute to you, Bill.

(J wants a Power Ranger for Christmas – told him those guys are nothing compared to Tito Ranger.)

Watch the video on Bill and his experience here:

Screen capture from the video of “we are the mighty” video featuring Bill