To My Little Easter People

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Dearest I,J, K and PeL,

It is Saturday, on the 7th week of Easter. I started writing you guys this letter during Holy Week, hoping to finish my thoughts by Easter Sunday. Of course, it didn’t happen, and my hope was, that I would wrap up my letter by Pentecost. I have a few more hours to go if I want to post by then.

So Easter is about to end, and we are still isolating ourselves in the basement.
Not very different from the apostles, huddled, hiding, anxious, scared. Okay. Maybe a little bit different. Or a lot different.

You guys haven’t been out much since the start of Spring break. (Wow. I just realized, it’s been more than 2 months) And nobody has been complaining. The three of you run around the house and the yard, entertaining each other, playing, screaming, laughing, fighting. And if we did not sit and talk about Covid19, I would have thought you guys were completely oblivious to the craziness outside. The three of you seem completely content just being able to play together, eat together, and just be together. 

Distance learning is extremely challenging, but by week 5, it’s gotten better. We’ve been able to balance J + Iñ’s school work + K + P + cooking! It has been manageable because we have Mommy and Kongkong doing laundry, dishes, butt washing, and entertaining. And having Tatay working from home has been great too (he has taken over gym assignments and creative projects that require intense engineering – not to mention we have tech support available 24/7). 

So I guess you guys have it right. It’s been really chill. And during these uncertain times, you remind me that there is much to find consolation in.

We are blessed to have a roof over our heads, food on the table, and to have each other to bug non-stop. I am enjoying going through your lessons with you. J and Iñ, I love listening to your thoughts and hearing your entertaining explanations. I know half the time I sound half crazy, but at the end of the day, repeating the instructions 109 times is worth it. And I truly look forward to the next day. I can’t say am as enthusiastic while we go through each task, but in retrospect, I love it all.

Earlier Iñ exclaims how “this is the best time ever, even if it’s a sad time”. He says because of the Corona virus, Mommy and Kongkong can stay longer. A blessing for us if indeed their flight gets cancelled.

Then J asks how he could be happy like that – when Nongnong Lee is home alone, and will continue to be alone during this pandemic if the parents cannot make it home. That sobered me up quickly.

We are staying home, as instructed, while many essential workers continue to make all our needs available, and while healthcare workers heal those who have gotten sick, exposing themselves to the dangers of the virus. Many of those in the frontlines cannot be with their families, because they may get their loved ones sick.
We are privileged to be in a country that has kept most of its citizens safe, its healthcare workers well-equiped, and at the very least, has a plan for those affected financially.

So much to be thankful for. And while there is lots to be fearful of as well – that’s okay. We acknowledge our fear, what we cannot control, what we struggle to understand. Because beyond our walls, and even beyond the Pacific, there is so much that brings panic to our hearts. There are others suffering more than us. There are others that we may be able to help. Or at the very least, show compassion to.

While we do what we can, we also allow ourselves to accept the gift of hope that we’re offered. Because that’s what this whole season of Easter is about. It is about hope, it is about the resurrection, it about another chance for all of us. It is a reminder that after our struggles, there will be victory too.

And today (because it already 2am), the Holy Spirit descends upon us, reminding us that we have a companion as we journey on.

The past few months, cooped up in our little basement, may not be the best comparison to the hiding apostles. Clearly, you littles are not hiding in fear of the unknown. But perhaps, I am. And I am sure that there will come a time that you will feel the same insecurities.

And when that day comes, know that you are not alone. That you have each other. And more importantly, you have God. You are Easter people. You are filled with hope. You are filled with the Holy Spirit.