Tugawe Cove Resort

Tugawe Cove Resort, Caramoan’s Best

Because of the Survivor reality television show, the islands around the Caramoan Peninsula in Camarines Sur have gained the interest of many in search of adventure, and fun-filled vacations in pristine waters. We checked it out for ourselves by checking in the Tugawe Cove Resort.

We made it clear from the beginning that if we were to work with and promote certain resorts or hotels, we have to at least check them out. We don’t feel too comfortable just recommending any place – especially since most of our first visitors are friends and family. This poses to be a challenge because it may take a while for us to cover all the resorts in the region. Whatever the case though, if we feel safe and happy with the service and the place we’ll also feel more at peace with sending the people we love over there for a vacation.

For a start-up travel business in Bicol it’s a must to have Caramoan packages – that’s what most people look for.

The Challenge: before this trip, Tom has never been to Caramoan. Me – I’ve only had the privilege to bask in the sunny beaches of Lahuy, where my grandfather’s family owns beautiful beach property and potential agri/cattle land. The island of Lahuy, one of the farther islands off the coast of Caramoan is a totally different story – untouched and overflowing with promise.

With our lack of Caramoan travel experience we set off to find the best resort in the area. Everyone’s suggestions were unanimous – we were to try the Tugawe Cove Resort. From the photos and marketing material our expectations started to rise – this was not just any beach resort.

Tugawe Cove Resort
Tugawe Cove Resort


We weren’t disappointed.

The top most thing that I appreciate about the services of Tugawe is the fact that they have their own boat from San Jose to their resort. There is no need to stress out over getting onto the commuter boat early in the morning to get to Guijalo. The weather was good to us the day we went, so the ride to the resort was a pleasant 2 hour trip, with lots of space for me, Tom and our overnight bags. Upon getting to the resort, we were met by young, smiling staff, drinks and spicy cheese sticks by the beach.

I loved the room we were given, not too high up the hill, but still with a remarkable view. The colors were bright and sunny making the stay inside the room as enjoyable as outside on the balcony. The bathroom was complete with toothbrushes, toothpaste and other toiletries – items you hardly see in resorts here in the province.

We spent the afternoon island hopping with Herson and Rose, staff from the resort that came along for to tour us. Because it was a bit later in the afternoon, the water was no longer as calm and we appreciated how the boatmen were honest and upfront about where it was safe to go or not go. When we got back to the resort, coffee and more snacks met us at the beach. We enjoyed ourselves down by the water til it started to get dark. The evening was spent watching the fireflies from our balcony and enjoying a good massage in our room.

Tugawe Cove Resort
Tugawe Cove Resort


Our overnight stay was definitely a winner – we wish we could have stayed longer and are definitely looking forward to going back. I hear the pool is done already and restaurant is on its way up at the top!

Once our baby comes out, for sure, I’m going to join Tom on more of his trips around the region!

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