Visita Iglesia Bicol

Eucharistic Pilgrimage: Visita Iglesia Bicol 2012

When we started this business, we knew that we wanted it to be meaningful for ourselves and for the people who decide to journey with us. It is a real blessing that our first trip is a pilgrimage with those serious about deepening their understanding of their faith and their love for their creator.

Want to know where they’ve been headed over the past few days, where they are now and where they are going tomorrow? 🙂


05 – 08 April 2012
04 April, Holy Wednesday

06:00 P.M.ETD PNR España Train Station, Manila

05 April, Maundy Thursday

05:00 A.M. ETA PNR Train Station, Naga City
05:30 A.M. Check-In, BREAKFAST, Orientation and Rest – Naga City Youth Center
07:00 A.M. Chrism Mass at the Cathedral (Optional)
08:15 A.M. Leave for Cathedral
08:30 A.M. Metropolitan Cathedral (Opening Prayer 1st Station of the Cross)
09:00 A.M. Museo Conciliar de Nueva Caceres
09:30 A.M. Peñafrancia Shrine (The 2nd Station of the Cross)
10:00 A.M. Our Lady of Peñafrancia Museum
10:30 A.M. Basilica Minore (The 3rd Station of the Cross)

Visita Iglesia Bicol
Visita Iglesia Bicol

11:00 A.M. Partido Churches
St. Raphael the Archangel, Pili (The 4th Station of the Cross)
St. Joseph Parish, San Jose (The 5th Station of the Cross)
12:00 NOON LUNCH at San Jose
Sts. Philip and James Parish, Lagonoy (The 6th Station of the Cross)
04:30 P.M. Metropolitan Cathedral -Mass of the Lord’s Supper
Re-enactment of the Last Supper
Re-enactment of the Washing of the feet
07:00 P.M. DINNER at Tiny Treats at the Minor Seminary
10:00 P.M. Visita Altares around Centro Naga Area (Optional)

06 April, Good Friday

06:00 A.M. Rising
07:30 A.M. Parish of St. Anne, Magarao (The 7th Station of theCross)
Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, Bombon (The 8th Station of the Cross)
Quipayo Church, Calabanga, Camarines Sur
Amang Hinulid (Sto. Entiero), Brgy. Salud
12:00 NOON LUNCH at Tiny Treats, Minor Seminary
03:00 P.M. Adoration of the Cross, Naga Cathedral
05:30 P.M. Good Friday Procession
07:30 P.M. DINNER at Tiny Treats, Minor Seminary
10:00 P.M. Procession de la Soledad (Optional)

Visita Iglesia Bicol
Visita Iglesia Bicol

07 April, Black Saturday

05:30 A.M. Rising
07:00 A.M. Leave for Albay
09:00 A.M. San Juan Bautista Parish, Tabaco (The 9th Station of theCross)
Santo Domingo Parish, Sto. Domingo (The 10th Stationof the Cross)
Albay Cathedral, Legazpi City (The 11th Station of the Cross)
Our Lady of the Gate Parish, Daraga (The 12th Station of the Cross)
12:00 NOON LUNCH – Daraga
01:00 P.M.Cagsawa Ruins
San Juan Bautista Parish, Camalig (The 13the Station of the Cross)
Holy Cross Parish, Nabua (The 14th Station of the CrossFinal Prayers)
06:00 P.M. ETA in Naga City
06:30 P.M. DINNER at NCYC
09:00 P.M. Easter Vigil at Basilica Minore (please bring candle)

Visita Iglesia Bicol
Visita Iglesia Bicol

08 April, Easter Sunday

04:00 A.M. Salubong Pontifical Easter Celebration – Metropolitan Cathedral (To be agreed by the group)
07:00 A.M BREAKFAST (Venue of the Evaluation)
08:00 A.M. Evaluation and Big Group Sharing
12:00 NOON LUNCH at Caramel Bakeshop
Shopping for Pasalubong
05:00 P.M. Prepare for Train Station
06:00 P.M. ETD for Manila via Bicol Express

09 April, Easter Monday
05:00 A.M. ETA PNR Train in Manila (Alabang, Pasay Road, España and Tutuban)